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I like making people happy and I also love yoga. Turns out yoga makes people happy.


Come and join me on the mat for some swirls and smiles…

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About Rose Flows


Following a few years of putting my all into a career within the events industry, I realised it was time to pull off the beaten track and throw all my courage and purpose into deepening my yoga practice and start teaching it to the world.

I became a Personal Trainer last year and joined forces with my fiancé who has over ten years experience in the fitness world. This inspired me to delve further into the wonder and magic of yoga and how complementary it can be to your fitness journey.

For me, it’s not about goals and calories or how long I can hold a dolphin for, it’s about prioritising health and feeling good.

Love, Rosie

Online Classes


We spend so much time being everything for everybody, it’s probably about time you dedicate some loving to your mind and body! Whether you’re seeking stillness or a strong flow, I hope I can give you whatever it may be that you are craving. Let’s choose to smile, choose to enjoy. This is your opportunity to be 100% you!




Go with The Rose

A super slow flow to start your week off with a smile. Looking to open and stretch the body? This one's for you!



Coming soon

New classes coming soon



Pyjama Yoga

Join the mid-week pyjama party with some long-held, unwinding poses.



Loose with Lubbs

Mobilise the spine, open the hips and lengthen the hammies... Facilitate to dominate!



Pre-Fizz Flow

Enrich your Friday evening and enhance that first sip with some gentle movement and pre-fizz fun



Power with Rose

A more dynamic, vigorous flow designed to energise and awaken the body.



Treat yourself to a monthly subscription for unlimited online yoga classes access or pay as you flow when it suits you. Our monthly subscription also includes access to a library of online yoga classes. Yoga is great, but even better combined with our group fitness sessions - find the subscription that's right for you!




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Just in case no one told you today. Hello. I believe in you. You’re doing great. Be well and stay in touch.

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phone: 07834 289047

"The yoga sessions with Rose Flows have literally transformed a potentially very stressful period in my life into a time of great calm and focus. What Rose does in every practise goes far beyond the flexibility and strength it gives the body. Her delivery is calm and authoritative and the seamless flow is quite magical. She has something very special in her that makes us feel serene and capable of anything. I am profoundly grateful."

Christine Lubbock

"I can not recommend Rose’s yoga class highly enough, she is an incredible yoga instructor who’s level of detail in understanding yoga posture is exceptional. Rose is friendly, warm and extremely considerate, provides a kindness even outside of the classes. Her creative approach to carrying out the classes via Zoom has meant each and every time a class has finished I have found myself calmer and more relaxed then when it started."

Lisa Tavinor

"Rose’s yoga class Rose Flows has been a wonderful and beautiful experience, bringing amazing peace and happiness each time, through her gently guided breath work, and brilliant flow of poses and progressions always so thoughtfully and compassionately described and always leading us with so much care and love through each stage. I’m in awe of Rose’s skill and endless kindness and love in how she teaches us, and inspires us to be at ease with ourselves and happy with where we are in this life."

Dan Lubbock

"I started yoga sessions with Rose Flows in late March. As a front line healthcare worker I was seeking solace from the grief, tragedy and fear we faced every day at work. Rose Flows gave me just that, the complete union between mind, body and soul, thereby giving me the strength to face each new shift and the calmness and serenity to deal with what faced us each day. Rose's delivery is perfectly seamless and as the name suggests just "flows". She is an exceptional young woman who has helped me stay completely focused through this most difficult time and through her wonderfully calm and effective deliveries I have been able to focus on my work and pass this serenity on to those in my care. I applaud you Rose, thank you."

Irene Harper

"Rose is a wonderful yoga teacher and shares her detailed knowledge of the subject in such a phenomenal way, which resonates with everyone taking part. Her friendly and light-hearted demeanour is so welcoming which enabled me to settle into her classes so quickly. Rose teaches yoga from your perspective which has made me have a greater understanding of the subject from both a mental and physical point of view. This class is NOT your average yoga class, it is so much more! I wish I had found Rose Flows sooner."

Charlie Ashton

"Having tried yoga classes in the past and not enjoyed them, often finding my mind wandering, I was therefore a bit sceptical when I decided to try Rose Flows! To my surprise I have thoroughly enjoyed each class. Rose manages to create a relaxing calming mood - even on zoom! Each session has kept me entirely focused. She explains each movement or pose very clearly and her directions are easy to follow. She always allows for individual differences in flexibility and strength. I would highly recommend her style of teaching- she’s a natural teacher!! Well done Rose."

Patience Conie

"Rose and her yoga came along at a time when I really needed it. She is an absolute natural - from her calming voice through to knowing exactly what I needed help with. My journey with Rose started with virtual group classes during the COVID lockdown and one of the things I’m looking forward to when restrictions are lifted, is being able to practice with Rose one on one. She has the perfect temperament for teaching yoga - she has the calmness I was craving, yet is completely inspiring in her teaching."

Ruby Haines