Lubbs & Rose

Lubbs became a PT as fresh faced 18 year old straight out of a highly unsuccessful school career. He worked hard for years and learnt his trade in every capacity you can imagine which eventually lead to him opening ADVHQ in 2017.

It was going pretty well but it was only when he joined forces with Rose that the magic began.

With her expertise in Yoga as well as a gentle personality that is the perfect Ying to Lubbsies Yang, the 2 are a force of nature that you have to see to believe.


I have been involved within the Sport & Fitness industry for over 10 years. With the combination of my Sports Science & Coaching Degree, Golf Coaching Qualification, Personal Training Qualification and previous management career, I have built great experience in developing others. I am passionate about getting people to realise the importance of prioritising their health and fitness and helping them achieve their individual goals but most importantly enjoy the process!

I show empathy with individuals experiencing barriers to exercise and assist breaking those down with an open and honest approach to training. My aim is to give you the tools and knowledge to change your life for the better, allowing you to live a fun, sustainable and healthy lifestyle, whilst being a pillar of support if you need.

I strongly believe Fitness is far more than how we view ourselves in the mirror. I want to eradicate the narrative that working out and exercise is only a 'tool' to lose fat or gain muscle. Being active and working out has become such a big part of my life - mentally, physically and socially - and I want to share this with as many people as possible.


I started weightlifting in 2008 and began competing in 2010, before 2008 I had spent many periods of my life strength and weight training but this was when I took up the sport of weightlifting.

By 2014 I was adding coaching to my involvement in weightlifting and this side has grown over the years.

I have taught weightlifting to beginners and also coached people to National competition and medals. I still train and compete now as a masters weightlifter, or veteran. I am also a qualified technical official.