ADVHQ is where accessibility and quality meet. Words don’t do justice to what we’ve got going down at ADVHQ and the only way to truly get ‘it’ is to experience ‘it’

We regularly celebrate our members with a ”Squaddie of the Week’ award and transcend our community outside of the gym through various socials including river dips, golf days and brunches. A highlight for us was taking nearly 70 of our Squaddies to Battle Cancer 2022, having an incredible day and raising £6,000 in the process

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"Workouts change every day so it is never boring or repetitive and one set price allows you to attend as many sessions as you want. The cardio sessions are balanced with weights, yoga and pilates so there is something for everyone."


"The whole team at ADVHQ achieves the perfect balance of variation, energy and enjoyment in every session. From being casual gym members before joining here, a session at ADVHQ has become a daily ritual."


The Coaches

The Gym

We don’t think you need to be an expert to see that you’re in a top class facility when you walk through the doors.

  • 10 Concept 2 Ski Ergs
  • 6 Bike Ergs
  • 3 Row Ergs
  • 4 Rogue Echo Bikes
  • Hex Dumbbells
  • Comp & Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Male and female barbells
  • and literally TONS of weights, including coloured bumpers.

We have everything you can buy, but more importantly, we have everything you can’t

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ADVHQ Social

👨: @jezkitchen15 
Jeremy ‘Big Jez’ Kitchen

Big Jez. Jezza. Kitchen and Bathroom Wielding his belt and knee sleeves, even on upper body day and we know he’s arrived. A barbell enthusiast, a massive heart and an all round good bloke. A dream to work with. Someone who’s ready to learn new things but also pass on his wisdom from years of training to others members of the community. What it’s all about. Yezza Jezza 💪🏼💪🏼
Building better lives, brick by brick
We didn’t talk much about ‘business’ in our team meeting today

Checking in with one another as humans and as friends

Digesting this new information and formulating an action plan 

Nothing corporate here

Just some makeshift seating, some babies, some homemade granola and whole lotta love ❤️


👩🏻‍🦲: @si_smith25 
Simon ‘Smithyyyyy laaaaadd’ Smith

A staple of the Shiplake massive and bringing a smidge of North West diversity to what must be one of the 2nd most middle class collection of people behind the Royal Tennis club Lubbsies dad is part of in Radleigh 🤣 a total tank. Like the guy is crazy strong. He can also transfer into some filthy Metcons too when he wants to too. You can make good people into athletes but you can turn good athletes into people. We could work with people like Smithy all day every day. Legend boss. Well done 

VELOCITY coming in 🔥 

Another evolution to our community, our brand and our mission

Massive shout to the big man @theturv_adv for the creation, execution and organisation of yet another memorable event @ HQ

What’s next!?
Training is supposed to be a relief from life, not a burden

If it isn’t, maybe you need to have a word with yourself or your even coach/PT

Intensities may have to be tailored

Work load monitored

And maybe a shift in objective or outcome

Instead of ‘getting in the shape of my life’

It becomes

‘Getting through this phase of my life’ 

But under no reality does life IMPROVE without some sort of physical endeavour

It’s biologically illogical (say that 5 times fast)

Sometimes it’ll feel like the last thing you feel like, of course it will

But if you were drowning in sea and could see a life jacket in the distance, would you swim to it or just hope it floats passed?

Sometimes being kind to yourself requires from you what NEED not what you WANT

🙎🏼‍♀️: @katybinney 
Katy ‘Twinkle Toes’ Binney

An absolute pocket rocket. She’s made quite an impact since her introduction into the community making it clear she means business. A total natural. From effortless power in Olympic weightlifting to massive work rate during classics BBAB’s to impressive gymnastic skills (killing pull ups probably pipping her to the post this week) to ridiculously good running technique. She says she wasn’t in the New Zealand middle distance Olympic team but we don’t believe her, hence the ‘twinkle toes’ tagline. A real success story and a dream to work with. Congrats Katy. FULLY deserved 

Welcome to ‘VELOCITY’

A one workout wonder

3…2…1…pull the pin

and hold on 

T  minus 10 days 

You in?
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