ADVHQ is where accessibility and quality meet. Words don’t do justice to what we’ve got going down at ADVHQ and the only way to truly get ‘it’ is to experience ‘it’

We regularly celebrate our members with a ”Squaddie of the Week’ award and transcend our community outside of the gym through various socials including river dips, golf days and brunches. A highlight for us was taking nearly 70 of our Squaddies to Battle Cancer 2022, having an incredible day and raising £6,000 in the process

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"Workouts change every day so it is never boring or repetitive and one set price allows you to attend as many sessions as you want. The cardio sessions are balanced with weights, yoga and pilates so there is something for everyone."


"The whole team at ADVHQ achieves the perfect balance of variation, energy and enjoyment in every session. From being casual gym members before joining here, a session at ADVHQ has become a daily ritual."


The Coaches

The Gym

We don’t think you need to be an expert to see that you’re in a top class facility when you walk through the doors.

  • 10 Concept 2 Ski Ergs
  • 6 Bike Ergs
  • 3 Row Ergs
  • 4 Rogue Echo Bikes
  • Hex Dumbbells
  • Comp & Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Male and female barbells
  • and literally TONS of weights, including coloured bumpers.

We have everything you can buy, but more importantly, we have everything you can’t

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ADVHQ Social


👨: Peter ‘HB Pencil’ Moore

Na na na na na na naa, Peter Peter Moore Peter Moore, Peeter Peter Moore! 🎶 Not sure how many ‘Moore’ of this lot we can handle 😜 1/3 of ‘The Pencil Case’ @ 7am with hair so nice it seems to be a crime to cover it but there we are. One of 2024s true success stories and here’s to another few months to round the whole thing off 👏🏻❤️

Different journeys

Similar stories 

Proud of every one

Want to see what ‘it’ is all about 

Drop us a DM with the word ‘IT’ to get started 


Our resident Easter Badger, Hughie 

Every space needs a Hughie 

Someone who lives and breathes what we do and is a total success story of our process and our product 

Here’s to all you’ve achieved so far and here’s to what you will continue too in the future 👏🏻

Always one bank you can pay into

3 belting classes to start off another beautiful week and top off a lovely Easter weekend

See ya tmrw peeps! ✌🏻
A fairly typical interaction between a coach and a ‘Squaddie’

However this says a lot more than what it may seem

It epitomises our methodology 

A methodology that it’s built upon you simply wanting to come back the next day

Let’s just put this scenario out there

An optimal programme, perfectly executed for 3 months but that is ultimately unsustainable because, frankly, it’s pretty boring 

A (you could say) sub optimal programme written with the person who it’s supposed to serve in mind at all times that induces a passion for training, revolutionises their relationship with their health and ultimately themselves and triggers behaviours that spill into all other areas to create a life they’ve always dreamed of

There’s only one winner in our eyes

Maybe the reason you’ve never been a ‘gym’ person was because of the ‘gym’ not because of the ‘person’

Come unlock a new level and explore a part your being that has quite possibly been untapped this whole time

DM the word “revolution” to get started today

👩🏻 Romana ‘Thin and Crispy’ Norman

Check the guns though…💪🏼💪🏼 She’s not messing about. 4 words that have epitomised Romana’s journey with us over the past 9 months or so. Focussed, quality work, day in, day out and she’s reaped the rewards which has been a pleasure to witness. We’re all very much looking forward to seeing what another 9 months and beyond of commitment to the cause can bring. Thank you for making our little corner of the planet a little fitter, a little stronger and little brighter ❤️

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