ADVHQ is where accessibility and quality meet. Words don’t do justice to what we’ve got going down at ADVHQ and the only way to truly get ‘it’ is to experience ‘it’

We regularly celebrate our members with a ”Squaddie of the Week’ award and transcend our community outside of the gym through various socials including river dips, golf days and brunches. A highlight for us was taking nearly 70 of our Squaddies to Battle Cancer 2022, having an incredible day and raising £6,000 in the process

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"Workouts change every day so it is never boring or repetitive and one set price allows you to attend as many sessions as you want. The cardio sessions are balanced with weights, yoga and pilates so there is something for everyone."


"The whole team at ADVHQ achieves the perfect balance of variation, energy and enjoyment in every session. From being casual gym members before joining here, a session at ADVHQ has become a daily ritual."


The Coaches

The Gym

We don’t think you need to be an expert to see that you’re in a top class facility when you walk through the doors.

  • 10 Concept 2 Ski Ergs
  • 6 Bike Ergs
  • 1 Row Erg
  • 4 Rogue Echo Bikes
  • Hex Dumbbells
  • Comp & Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Male and female barbells
  • and literally TONS of weights, including coloured bumpers.

We have everything you can buy, but more importantly, we have everything you can’t

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ADVHQ Social

What most people see: some empty storage holders

What we see: an opportunity to grow and expand what we can offer to our community

Question is, what’s it going to be?

All we can say is… stay tuned. 2024 is set to be the best one yet!


We welcome @lulu_phillips11 to our ever growing community as our in house physio! 🥳

Lulu’s bespoke practice facility is located about 10 seconds away from 
from the door to the gym! A Squaddie (member) and a phenomenal athlete herself, so she just gets it. Seventeen years qualified and a genius when it comes to getting you back to full health. Always thriving to learn more, Lulu’s focus is on accurate assessment, diagnosis and swift recovery, to keep you on the gym floor!

Lulu is available for assessments and treatment so get DM’ing

And lastly, WELCOME. Thank you for joining the fam Lulu, we’re very lucky to have someone of your calibre associated with our brand ❤️

Here’s to an even Happier and a Healthier future 

That’s a whole lotta opportunity to train!

‘HoT Squad’: the bread and butter. Our weekly programme in which all sessions are programmed within the context of eachother to make sure by the end of the working week, every movement, every body part and every energy system has been adequately stimulated 

TNL: Tuesday Night (weight) Lifting

FNF: Friday Night Fitness. An opportunity to catch up on any workout you may have missed during the week or to work on something specific that you want to

SML: Saturday Morning (weight) Lifting

Saturday SEND: COMING JANUARY 2024! Not for the faint hearted 

The rest is fairly self explanatory but if you have any questions then shoot them over 


#ADVHQ #HenleysHealthHub

Our new daily 6pm session off to an absolute flyer and we’re looking forward to watching what the evening crowd can add to our rich tapestry that make up our current community 

And we’d love to know

Will you be one of them? 


👩🏻: @lillyhoogenberg 
Lilly ‘wonder kid/lovebite’ Hoogenburg

What a special young woman. I don’t know too many students who religiously get to the gym at 5.30am on the daily, prioritises her mental health by practicing yoga and breath work regularly, starts their own podcast  @pursuitofpositivitypod AND ends up with straight As. What you do inside the gym is incredible Lils but it’s what you do outside of it that impresses us the most. You’re a star of the future. We say goodbye to her for the next few months and she scratches a little travelling itch but enjoy because we think big things await you on your return! Until then, we’ll miss you and will be keeping a close to see how you’re getting on ❤️

Thing. Are. Changing…

Early train to the capital? Don’t worry
Snoozed your alarm? You’ve got a back up
Second sesh of the day? Go for it!

We’ve done pretty well to build such a thriving community and business without dipping our toe into the afternoon but the time has come to offer more opportunity to experience what we have to offer


Will you be one of the first to join our evening community?
We came, we saw, we ran, we burpeed, we bear crawled, we box jumped, we swang, we press uppped, we conquered 

Nothing like seeing over 50 of our squaddies taking the floor to strut their stuff @battle.cancer 2024

They did us proud

The did themselves proud

The did the event proud

Well done you beauties

See you tmrw?

#ADVHQ #BattleCancer
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